Smart Chocs

What if chocolate could talk – or at least, point your customers in the right direction?

Smart Chocs are made with edible QR codes, adding a new dimension to the communication potential of a piece of chocolate. It becomes a unique promotional tool that turns up the volume on it’s marketing value.

QR codes are scanned with smartphones via an app,  and the codes can contain many different types of data, with the most common being a link to web content. Your Smart Chocs can link to any website of your choice, including social media sites like facebook, or provide other types of information, such as:

Google Maps location, YouTube video, App store download, telephone number, email address or message, SMS message, contact details, Paypal buy now link, an event (VCalendar)…

Serving Smart Chocs along side with other chocolates, such as Logolader (logo chocolates), can give extra information about the company, event, or gift you are giving. It is also a great way to run competitions, accumulate likes on facebook, receive sign ups for newsletters or any number of other creative ideas.

When your chocolate gets smart, the possible applications are literally endless.


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