January 13, 2017

5 Reasons Why Dark Chocolate is good for you

As you reach for yet another celery stick, it’s understandable that enthusiasm for January’s good intentions are starting to wane a little. Around about now, the whole detox and diet thing can become extra challanging.

But we are here to save the day friends! Did you know that dark chocolate contains vitamins? – Yes vitamins!


Here are just some of the benefits of the vitamins that you will find in 100g dark chocolate (70-85% cocoa).



11g fibre is in every 100g og dark chocolate. Fibre is great keeping your mood stable, your skin clear and your teeth strong.

2 – IRON

In those 100g og dark chocolate, you will also get 67% of the recommended daily allowence (RDA) for Iron.

Iron is great at speeding up wound healing, fighting hair loss, giving you energy and releiving menstrual symtoms.


Hiding in those 100g og loveliness, there are 58% of the RDA for Magnesium.

This vitamin helps you sleep better, aids in hydration, facilitates detoxification, and as it is necessary for the enzymes that regulate DNA replication and repair, it also prevents wrinkles – what’s not to like? 😉


89% of your RDA for Copper is in that 100g too!

As Copper helps with the formation of collagen it is also one that is important for preventing premature aging. It increases energy as it helps you absorb Iron (perfect that they are both in dark chocolate then!).


You will find a whopping 98% of your RDA for Manganese in that same 100g of dark chocolate.

This vitamin is great as assisting metabolic activity and promoting healthy bone structure. A powerful antioxidant, it seeks out and destroys free radicals. It is super important for normal brain function and nervous system, also helps the connective tissue, the absorption of calcium and – wait for it – the proper functioning of sex hormones.

So you can keep your resolution to be better towards your body this year, while enjoying dark chocolate guilt free :)

As an extra bonus tip – here are the fruits that also are high in these five vitamins. For a divine treat, you can dip them in dark chocolate, for maximum taste and effect.


Strawberries  – Fiber

Apricots –  iron

Bananas – Magnesium

Almonds – Copper

Pineapple – Manganese


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