December 14, 2016

The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe – From The Experts

Winter is here, bringing with it the need for many “hygge” moments to keep our good mood going during the long, dark months ahead.

Luckily, here at Choko Choko Yeah we have the perfect remedy to a cold, rainy day – a recipe for the most amazing hot chocolate you will ever taste!


Believe it or not, over the centuries, hot chocolate has actually been used as a medicine to treat all sorts of health afflictions. In modern times this has lead to scientists researching the properties of chocolate to find out…Does hot chocolate actually have any health benefits for humans?!


The answer is a resounding YES! (Queue hallelujahs, high fives and huge sighs of relief.)


Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) has a chemical in it called theobromine which, among other things, has been shown to have relaxing effects and can actually lower blood pressure! 😮


Dark chocolate has also been shown to help combat foul moods and stress.


No wonder we’re all so happy and healthy here at Choko Choko Yeah!


At Choko Choko Yeah HQ, we’ve decided to combine the old medicinal uses of hot chocolate with the newly shown health benefits of dark chocolate. We bring to you the best ever hot chocolate recipe to help you enjoy the many cosy evenings you’ll be spending at home during the few weeks left running up to Christmas.


Serves 2 (Best served whilst wearing pyjamas and cosy socks)




Two thumb sized pieces of ginger

50g dark chocolate with 70% cocoa (you can add more if you like it super chocolatey!)

Whipped cream (optional)

Chilli flakes (optional – only for the hard core)


Get your favourite mug and fill it two thirds of the way up with milk (whichever sort you have) and then a third full with cream (because let’s face it – when you make hot chocolate, you might as well do it properly!).

Pour the contents of the mug into a pan and repeat the process above (because we’re making two)

Peel the ginger and crush it slightly with the side of a knife to allow the flavour to transfer more easily. Add this to the pan.

Heat up the milk, cream and ginger until it is warm enough to melt chocolate.

Add the chocolate and stir over the heat until completely melted.

Remove the ginger pieces.

Serve with whipped cream and chilli flakes on top (optional)



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