November 1, 2012

Puff Mushies Have Landed

Last Friday, the wonderful Scandinavian lifestyle PR agency House of Communications held a house warming bash at their awesome new offices in the heart of Copenhagen.

I was thrilled that Choko Choko Yeah was asked to help out with something sweet to give their guests and get them talking. We decided that some never before seen “Puff Mushies” would do the trick, and they certainly got attention.

As explained on Choko Choko Yeah‘s (so far temporary) website : “This sweet thing is a little puff of magic. With a coffee filling as light as air, on a hassle nut meringue base, it is covered in white Belgium chocolate. All of this stands on a marzipan base dipped in divine dark chocolate”. This is the old fashioned Danish “Flødebolle” given a long overdue facelift, and it won’t be the last time I mess with it.

It was great to see the response, and a big thanks to both Elle Magazine Denmark, and Charliesblog, who amongst others, posted some pics and kind words up on Instagram and of course to Sofie and House of Communications!

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